Biz sosyetenin süslü bɑsɑmɑklɑrındɑn çıkmɑsɑktɑ, kɑrtɑllɑrın bile yuvɑ yɑpmɑyɑ korktuğu yüksek dɑğlɑrdɑ düşmɑnɑ kurşun sıkmɑsını iyi biliriz Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene

Terms & Conditions




Your first time shopping with  Well, ordering at couldn’t be easier, we at strive to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Order Online

1. Browse our store online from the comfort of your home or office, find what you like and click on ‘Add to Cart’
2. If you are done shopping then click ‘Continue to Check Out’, otherwise click ‘Continue Shopping’ if you still want to shop more.
3. Once you have clicked ‘Continue to Check Out’ you will be prompted to Sign in (If you have registered with us before) alternatively just follow the simple instructions to register with us (its very easy). By registering with us you get to keep track of all your orders and will receive updates from us on special offers and promotions.
4. The next step is to confirm your billing address.
5. Now confirm your shipment method.
6. Confirm your method of payment.
7. Confirm your order.

IMPORTANT: You are not required to pay instantly during order process, you just need to pay on delivery. Once you have confirmed the order you will receive an order confirmation email. We will also send emails to you on the update of your order, until your item has been shipped.

Our Representative will contact you by phone shortly after you place an order to confirm your details so please make sure you are reachable.


Returns & Replacements

At we offer you a 24 hour Only replacement(No Return) period in which you are able to check if the product you ordered is not broken, having any manufacturing fault at the time of purchase. Any problems must be reported within 24 hours of receiving item. In the unlikely event that a product is broken upon arrival then replacement will be issued after return of broken item. We strongly advise that you check your item before paying the rider. The traveling charges will be applied on the replacement. 

Please note that when returning items back to items MUST be in the same condition including product box/packaging/accessories as they were at the time of delivery. If there are any changes made to the item or if there are missing parts/items or if original packaging is not included then replacement warranty will become expire. However manufacturer warranty will still be available if provided with item. has the right to disapprove any return warranty claims if the item is damaged, altered or modified in any way due to misuse, abuse, attempted repair etc. or if item is damaged due to liquid or moisture exposure, also if the item is damaged due to voltage fluctuations (electrical products).


Payment OptionsWe offer different payment methods for your ease:


Cash On Delivery - You can pay in cash for your item when it has arrived at your door. You can pay the due amount to the rider. We will make a confirmation call to you before to let you know when your item will be delivered. Please be aware that you must be sure that you are willing to receive and pay for your order, any customer refusing delivery of their orders will be restricted from ordering on in the future. We trust and respect our customers and we ask that they respect us back. Therefore please make sure that you have the payment available to make for your order and if you are a minor please make sure you have asked permission from your parents first.
*Please note that cash on delivery does not apply to our items being import from abroad. For these items a 100% advance is required as these are request items. These will be dispatched within 10 - 15 days of payment being received.

All the payment will be accepatble in the form of Pakistani Rupees.


Minimum order should be Rs.2000.00 for free delivery, otherwise shippment charges will be applied.

In pakistan shipment charges will applied. 

Can I use my Credit Card?


Unfortunatly this services is not available at this moment at our website but you can use your Credit Card at our shop.

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